About Me


Sujata Chauhan is a certified trainer and an award-winning entrepreneur reviewer/ consultant. She has an experience in conducting skills based training programs. Coming from a diverse academic background of BSC.IT (Thakur College), Diploma in HR (Welingkar Institute Of Management), MBA in Human Resource( MET), Enterprise training for Women Entrepreneurs (NMIMS).

She has been working closely for over 3 years with entrepreneur, business leaders and employees training, consulting and mentoring them in managing their business and work. She has also completed 2 certified public speaking and personality development courses Personaliteez and T.I.G.E.R and has been executing on various public speaking events.

Sujata is 25 years old and is extremely passionate about adding value to every individual she meets and strongly believes that, it is at times an outsider who can bring about a positive shift in the mindset of people and transform their lives. She is a keen learner of human behavior and
psychology. She is known for her insights into the business management problems and providing practical and creative solutions.


  • Soft skills
  • English and conversation training
  • Content writing
  • Mentoring entrepreneurs and employees
  • Employee development workshops and training
  • Personality development workshop for teenagers
  •  Anchoring for events
  • Outbound training


  • Research based solutions
  • Varied industry knowledge
  • Value addition

Sujata has always believed in going that extra mile for her associates so that they can succeed in life and strongly believes ‘Adding value to everything that you do creates wonders in life and business’.

Reach me @: Chauhan.sujata19@gmail.com

That's Me!

That’s Me!


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